Best Home Lighting Reveals Depth, Form, Color, and Ambiance

The Best Home Lighting Reveals Depth, Form, Color, and Ambiance. Best Home Lighting is done by an Interior Designer who is also a Lighting Designer

This is very important because great interior design is a complicated composition which incorporates architecture, interiors, furniture, artwork, and the interrelationship between all of them.

Being just an interior designer without being a lighting designer as well, means that the interior design creation will not be lit correctly for maximum enjoyment and the best home lighting design. Think of a Broadway stage set without the proper lighting for seeing the set and creating the right emotion and ambiance. In this scenario we are assuming that the interior design is high-quality and not average and mediocre. Unfortunately, many homes do not contain high-quality interior design due to many reasons that I will not go into here.

As far as the lighting design portion, this involves a bit more technicality. Right off the bat it is important to realize that lighting comes from light bulbs or lamps as we call it in the profession. And I’m talking about the element that is actually lit up when electricity is applied to it.

The Bulb Does the Work!

Every light bulb or lamp is we call in the profession has several attributes attached to it.

  • Color Temperature which refers to the warmth or coolness of a bulb or lamp. This affects the color of objects in a room, because color is how you light it. The color of all objects that you see is based on the type and source of illumination that shines on it.
  • Beam Spread which refers to how the light spreads out and how directional it is. A typical “A” lamp or Edison light bulb spreads out in all directions, whereas a reflector type lamp has a direction of light that sprays out like a water hose nozzle.
  • Intensity refers to how strong the light is or how bright it is.

When it comes to lighting fixtures, whether they be decorative or functional, they all act to hold the actual lamp or light bulb. Just like your hand holds an object.

One of the major errors that are made, that KILLS the Best Home Lighting Design from ever happening is selecting light fixtures based on how they look and not on the effect that they have on the interior as a whole. Granted light fixtures can be a source of joy and delight in their artistic contribution, but many times they can be a glaring fixture that does not enhance the the room, furniture, or artwork. The room must be considered holistically and not just the combination of parts and pieces, which is so often the case in many interior design scenarios in the home.

In new homes and remodel situations, you cannot do the best home lighting design, or plan for future lighting without a floor plan showing all the furniture arrangement. All professional lighting design is based on the floor plan plus the furniture arrangement. You have to know where the furniture is going to be placed as well as artwork and other elements in order to plan in the lighting properly.

Critical Aspects in the Best Home Lighting Design

Some of that aspects which are vitally important are the following:

  • Knowing where to place a floor outlets correctly and precisely when furniture is “floated” in a room. Meeting the furniture is out in the open and not set against the walls.
  • Knowing the exact position and height for mounting various wall sconces.
  • Knowing the exact position of recessed lighting fixtures in order to adequately like the room in an artistic manner as well as yet our work correctly and from the proper angle.
  • Knowing where to place wall outlets based on location of the furniture so that portable lamp cords are not hanging out in exposed to view, which is a very ugly scenario. This goes beyond the placing of electrical outlets based on building codes.
  • Knowing where to place the light switches as well as what type of light switches to control which fixtures.

Those are a few of the important aspects that are vital as a part of a lighting plan, which is also called the reflected ceiling plan and or the electrical plan. They show the location of wall outlets, floor outlets, wall sconces, light switches, location of ceiling fixtures, and location of of recessed fixtures to name a few. It also shows which wall outlets are split-wired and switched, or controlled by a light switch. This is part of having and achieving the best home lighting design possible.

All this is very integral to excellent interior design, especially when the sun goes down! This is just as important as museum lighting, retail clothing store lighting, or anyplace else that is high-end, including top-level restaurants. What would any of those places be without proper and expert lighting? Where would the Ambiance or Ambience be? So think of these scenarios when you want the best home lighting that is tailored to your home, lifestyle, interests, activities, furniture, artwork, and collections, etc.

Can you see that there’s a lot involved in this? This is nothing that can be left to salespeople in a lighting store if you want the best home lighting design! You’ll never find the expertise that you need, because they are not lighting designers and neither are they professional interior designers of any status or stature. You don’t find top makeup artists at a cosmetic store like Ulta or Sephora, you don’t find top hairdressers and stylists at a beauty supply store like Sally Beauty … at least not working there. And you won’t find top interior designers and lighting designers working at a lighting store either!

Who Are You Going to Call for the Best Home Lighting Design?

To find a top interior designer and lighting designer all in one place and in one person, you call Steven C. Adamko, who is the owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors located in Portage, Michigan. And the best way to contact him is to call him directly at 269-888-2049.

BTW … (Steve is conveniently located relative to Hodgson Light and Log, a lighting store in Portage, Michigan.)

You Can’t Leave Getting the Best Home Lighting Design to Chance or to a Lighting Store

Your eyes depend on it. The enjoyment of your home depends on it. The beauty of your home depends on it. Everything depends on it! Don’t mess it up because it will be real expensive if you do. A lot of this work has to be done before actual construction. It has to be done at the design stage. Don’t let a builder or an electrician or lighting store sales person do any of your lighting design if you want to have the best home lighting design possible, as well as have the it be tailored to your situation, taking all things into consideration, as I have mentioned in this article.

The Best Home Lighting is done by an Interior Designer who is also a Lighting Designer Steve Adamko - Interior Designer and Lighting Designer is that Person
The Best Home Lighting is done by an Interior Designer who is also a Lighting Designer Steve Adamko – Interior Designer and Lighting Designer is that Person

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